Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 20, 2019

The Destructive Bay Area Wild Pigs

Bay Nature reported on the history of Wild Pigs in the Bay Area and the vast amounts of destruction they cause

Pigs feed by uprooting the earth in search of food. They can easily destroy a front lawn in a single night. They’ve disrupted San Jose neighborhoods, near where this photo was captured, in their quest to find food. If they’re not turning over every clump of dirt in your lawn, they’re eating your beloved plants instead. They compete with native wildlife for the same food. Upturning the earth also disturbs plants that aren’t otherwise adapted, exposing roots and leaving them to die. Pigs can destroy creeks when creating their wallows.
toad and boar

Read full story at Bay Nature Camera Trap Blog: Meet the Bay Area’s Wild Pigs

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