Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 19, 2018

Mono County Fall Color 9/19/18

Fall Colors in Mono County – Mono County Tourism   reports below. See photos at: Fall Colors in Mono County – Mono County Tourism and Film Commission

September 19, 2018: Welcome Leaf Peepers! We will update this page every Wednesday throughout the season until every leaf has fallen in Mono County.

What a difference a week makes! Temperatures have dropped and significant color change is starting to happen in the upper elevations of Mono County. Sagehen Summit and Rock Creek Lake are the winners of our first “Go Now” designation.

Upper Rock Creek Road and elevations around Rock Creek Lake are at full peak this week. You’ll find yellows, oranges and reds around Rock Creek Lake and up Hilton Creek Trail and Little Lakes Valley Trail.  Lower Rock Creek Road is just getting going but you should still see a few yellow trees around the East Fork Campground area.

Sagehen Summit is displaying gradient colors from red on the top of the mountain to deep green at the base of the road. This location is still a little ripe but should be perfect for this weekend. Continue driving on Sagehen Meadows Road to Johnny Meadows for additional groves of aspens and fall color viewing.

Other destinations on deck an approaching peak color include Monitor Pass, Sonora Pass, Lobdell Lake Road, Virginia Lakes and Tioga Pass. Each of these areas have great sections of color but are still too patchy for a full endorsement. We are expecting good progress in the next week – plan on visiting these spots during the week of the 24th.


Monitor Pass (8,314′) – 10-50% Patchy
Lobdell Lake Road (8,600′) – 10-50% Patchy – Burcham Flat Road is now open to through traffic only with no stopping in the burn area from the Boot Fire.
Walker Canyon (5,200′) – 0%
Towns of Walker & Coleville – 0%
Sonora Pass (9,623′) – 10-50% Patchy


Twin Lakes (7,000′)  – 0%
Virginia Lakes (9,819’) 10-50% Patchy but the this destination was the closest to meeting the “Go Now” designation.
Conway Summit (8,143) – 0%
Summers Meadow (7,200′) – 0%


Tioga Pass (9,943′) 10-50% Patchy
Lee Vining Canyon (6,781′) – 0%
Lundy Lake & Canyon (7,858′) -0%


Sagehen Summit (8,139’) 50-75% Go Now! – Peak color at the top with vibrant reds with yellows and greens abundant at the lower levels around the road.


June Lake Loop/Hwy 158 (7,654′) 0%
Parker Lake (8,000′) 0%


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Mammoth Lakes Basin (8,996′) 0-10%


McGee Creek Canyon (8,600’) 0-10% – Just Starting in the upper elevations.
Around Crowley community (6,781′) 0%
Convict Lake (7850′) 0%


Rock Creek Road (9,600’) – 50-75% Go Now! – Full peak color around the lake and in the trail heads of Hilton Creek and Little Lakes Valley. Patchy below Rock Creek Lodge and green below East Fork Campground.

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