Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 12, 2018

Planting Trees Can Combat CO2 and Particulates

The Regional Park Botanic Garden Newsletter has an article on how planting trees can have a positive impact on CO2 and dust

As planetary weather patterns shift, green patterns around the globe are also shifting, but homeowners and gardeners can make meaningful changes to combat local pollution by planting trees. Roughly half the cause of global warming can be attributed to carbon dioxide, or CO2. Deciduous and evergreen trees both have positive attributes in battling CO2 and dust: leaves use CO2 and release water and oxygen during photosynthesis, and many trees trap large amounts of small air pollutants, or particulates, on leaf surfaces. This article will address tree species commonly found in California, link to tree databases, and reference local and international research.

Read full article at Tree to Combat CO2 and Particulates


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