Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 9, 2018

Tehachapi, Carrizo Plain and Wind River Wildflowers 4/8/18

Where to Photograph in California  has new wildflower reports

Tehachapi the northern edge of the Tehachapi’s on Sunday, just south of Arvin, CA near the Granite Construction facility photographing a large fields of mostly lupine but there where a few areas with poppies, owl’s clover and loco weed.  Here are a few photos for that shoot. 

Carrizo Plain  there are a few areas with daisies and goldfields on the valley floor, but while the plants are in full bloom they are very short and stunted and do not get above the bushy remains from last year’s bloom. While you can see them when you get on top of them, the view from a distance is mostly brown/grey brush.  I don’t believe it will get any better now with heat is on down here in So.Cal.  Soda Lake is almost dried up.  No blooms in the the mountains. It is a very poor years for the Carrizo Plain.
I did not go up the grade as a few of the people I spoke to said it was not as good as the location I mentioned below.

Wind Wolves very few blooms and very short plants at this location.

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