Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 9, 2018

Hungry Valley/ Gorman Wildflowers 4/8/18

Hungry Valley OHV has a new wildflower report for 4/8/18

The flowers are beginning to bloom! Along Gorman Post Road you can spot the yellow Coreopsis scattered amongst the Gorman Hills. Mixed in, some spots of bright orange as bunches of California Poppies begin to pop up.

Near the South entrance to the park, patches of blue are beginning to show. You can find the Blue Dick flower finding its way through the bushes, adding tasteful color to the everyday greens and browns here at Hungry Valley.

We have Fiddleneck and Bladderpod starting to bloom all over the park. However, the most excitement can be found in the Yucca flats, located between Aliklik and Lane Ranch campground. The common Muilla, Goldfields, Blazing Star, and Tidy Tips are creating a beautifully constructed array of yellow, with Fiddleneck and a few patches of Poppies providing a complimentary touch of orange.

On your way into the park from the North entrance, Goldenbush is making its way into sight. All along the sides of the roads, the radiant glow of yellow can be seen. The further along you go toward Spaghetti Pass, the Lupine are coming in strong as blotches of purple begin to decorate the hills. Also, look carefully for the tiny Baby Blue Eyes peeking from amongst the bushes along Spaghetti Pass.

The warm weather that has brought out the flowers has also brought out the snakes. Though rattlesnakes are rarely deadly, they are dangerous and should be avoided; they will defend themselves if they feel threatened. Please remember to watch for snakes as you are looking at the wildflowers.


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