Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 18, 2018

North Table Mt. Wildflowers 3/18/18

Daniel reports on 3/18/18: There is now a good showing of wildflowers at The North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve. Many small poppies and goldfields are still growing. With more rain expected this week peak bloom may still be at least another week or two away. There are not many wildflowers by the parking lot so you must be willing to walk out about half a mile to where the larger mounds of volcanic rocks are. The most popular hike is going to the closest waterfall then turn right across the fields to go to the tallest (Phantom Falls) and back (about 4 miles round trip).

From the entrance you must walk through or around a small muddy area and follow the dirt path that goes straight out and slightly left that follows a stream to the first waterfall. About half way you will see the first good patch of wildflowers on a small hill to the left. There is a good concentration of flowers by the waterfall on both sides of the stream. From here you turn right and may be able to follow the locals across the fields going to Phantom Falls. You will pass a fallen barbwire fence, and then carefully go around the edge/end of another fence. The fields in between these two waterfalls have many good areas of wildflowers. There are areas where you can see somewhat of a dirt path to follow but there are no official trails.

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