Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 18, 2018

Skyline Serpentine Prairie Wildflowers & Photos 3/18/18

Skyline Serpentine Prairie is located in Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, CA .  It is a restoration and protected area.  The management of the area includes prescribed burns and the weeding out of invasive species. Serpentine is the official California state rock.  Serpentine areas are not supportive of many alien species creating an area that is supportive of native wildflowers and grasses.  The prairie is protected by a fence but is easily viewed and photographed from the surrounding paths.

It is still early and there are only a few things in bloom. We saw California Poppy, California Buttercup, Goldfields, Creamcups, Woodland Sanicle, and Yarrow while circling the Prairie. Make sure you check the hillside going down from the main path on the far side as that is where you will find the most flowers. We also walked a short way down the Golden Spike path and found one Trillium chloropetalum, Forget-me-not, Woodland Strawberry, Wild Cucumber, Osoberry and a pea or vetch.

It was pretty wet there today and more rain is predicted this week. Flowers might be pretty good in about two weeks.

Although we weren’t birdwatching today we were able to identify, often by song, American Robin, Raven, Anna’s Hummingbird, California Scrub Jay, Wild Turkey, Turkey Vulture, Bushtit, Northern Flicker, Western Bluebird, Dark-eyed Junco and a Rooster in a neighboring yard. There were several other bird songs and calls that I was unable to ID.

For more information about the Skyline Serpentine Prairie, you can read this article by Stephen W. Edwards, Ph.D. the director of the Regional Parks Botanic Garden:

To see a photographic wildflower guide for the Skyline Serpentine Prairie go to Guide to Wildflowers of the Prairie

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  1. There is a new link to article: “Message from Steve Edwards”


    • Thanks. I corrected the link and updated all old links to the article as well. Corrections always greatly appreciated.


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