Posted by: Sandy Steinman | January 8, 2018

California Can Probably Stop Trump’s Offshore Drilling Plan

The LA Times reports on several strong legal tools California has that can block the Trump plan to open up offshore drilling near California. Here are a few excerpts

The first hurdle for the Trump plan is a period of public comment and an extensive environmental review under federal law, which opponents can use to challenge the proposal as ecologically harmful.

In California, the state coastal commission also has the authority to review activities in federal waters to ensure they are consistent with the state’s coastal management plans.

And California has another weapon: State Lands Commission jurisdiction over tidelands and waters that extend roughly three miles offshore.

That gives the commission the ability to stop the construction of pipelines that are the most economical way of transporting oil and gas from offshore rigs to land.


Read full article Trump’s plan to open California coastal waters to new oil and gas drilling probably won’t go very far – LA Times


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