Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 17, 2017

Southern Utah Fall Color 10/17/17

Cedar City • Brian Head Tourism Bureau has a new fall color report for October 17th to 21st

High Elevation – Alpine
Brian Head, Cedar Breaks and Panguitch Lake
Percent of Change: PAST PEAK
Color Report:
With the cold temperatures and the wind the fall leaves in the high elevation are gone. Enjoy the leaves in the mid and low elevations while they last! Come back next year

Mid Elevation – Sub-Alpine
Parowan Canyon and Cedar Canyon Area
Percent of Change: PAST PEAK
Color Report: 
There are still a few patches of color that can be found sparsely scattered throughout the mid elevation but over all the trees have reached past peak. It has been a strange year for leaf peepers, early frost and high winds have really effected the changing leaves this year making them not quite as spectacular as past years.

Low Elevation –  Cedar City and Kolob Canyons Area
Percent of Change: Peak

Color Report: What a crazy weather year, with colder fonts and an early freeze the leaves are changing faster then they normally do. The colors found throughout the lower elevation are at peak right now and falling fast. Reports from Kolob Canyons is that there are a few nice patches along the Timber Creek Trail but the majority of the leaves are gone. In Cedar City there are beautiful streets lined in gold, with some oranges and red, especially some of the side road found around Southern Utah University. Now is the time to head to Zion National Park to watch the leaves, just remember the Park visitation is way up so be courteous, take your time and enjoy the view!

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