Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 4, 2017

Southern Utah Fall Color 10/3/17

Cedar City • Brian Head Tourism Bureau has a new fall color report for October 3rd to 7th

High Elevation – Alpine
Brian Head, Cedar Breaks and Panguitch Lake
Percent of Change: PAST PEAK
Color Report: 
With the cold temperatures and the wind the majority of the fall leaves in the high elevation are gone, there are a few pockets of color that might be found scattered though the high elevation. Mammoth Creek Road from Hwy U-143 to Hwy U-14 is stunning right now with lots of golden aspens tucked in among the dark evergreens, making the scenic loop well worth the drive.

Mid Elevation – Sub-Alpine
Parowan Canyon and Cedar Canyon Area
Percent of Change: PEAK
Color Report:
more leaves are changing with more and more yellows and reds appearing every day. Even thought it is still early and there is lots of green still to turn the mid elevation will be beautiful for a weekend drive on your way to see the high elevation.

Low Elevation –  Cedar City and Kolob Canyons Area
Percent of Change: MODERATE

Color Report: Leaf experts are saying that with the colder temperatures over the past weekend the trees are starting to show a color in the lower elevations. The Kolob Canyon Rangers said “The trees are good” but to not expect drastic changes until later in October, but check back often for up-to-date information on the changing of the leaves!

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