Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 20, 2017

Fall Colors in Mono County 9/20/17

Fall Colors in Mono County – Mono County Tourism   reports below. See photos at: Fall Colors in Mono County – Mono County Tourism and Film Commission

Overnight temperatures have been gradually cooling off in Mono County, but like many of us in the region, the aspens seem a little reluctant to let go of summer! There is some lovely color beginning along the upper section of Rock Creek Road, Virginia Lakes Road, Lobdell Lake Road and Sagehen Summit. For hikers, there is some great color about 2 miles up McGee Canyon Trail above the first creek crossing. These locations will be the first to show color and will be perfect in the next 5-7 days.

Because summer got a late start at the higher elevations this year, we are thrilled to report that we still have abundant wildflowers blooming at the 10,000’ level, particularly along the creek-beds in the Saddlebag Lake/Sawmill Campground region.

Monitor Pass – 0%
Lobdell Lake Road (8,600”) – 10-50% Patchy – Lobdell Lake Road was just getting started on Tuesday with mostly green and lime green foliage. Plan to see the colors here in about 10 days! Note: Burcham Flat Road to Lobdell lake Road are dirt roads – AWD or 4WD vehicles are recommended.
Walker Canyon – 0%
Towns of Walker & Coleville – 0%

Twin Lakes –  0%
Virginia Lakes (9,819’) – 10-50% Patchy – The leaves are just starting to turn lime green with the exception of a few early achievers like this grove located near the parking lot of Big Virginia Lake. (And yes, that’s still snow on the mountain from last winter!) For more adventurous leaf peepers with AWD or 4WD vehicles, take the Dunderberg Meadow Road to Sinnamon Meadows and Green Creek for additional aspen groves and views of Conway Summit.
Conway Summit – 0%
Summers Meadow – 0% – NOTE: The Summers Meadow bridge sustained significant damage during the spring runoff. The bridge has been reduced to one lane traffic but is currently open to Summers Meadow.

Tioga Pass & Lee Vining Canyon – 0%
Lundy Lake & Canyon – 0%

Sagehen Summit (8,139’) – 10-50% Patchy – Sagehen Summit is the closest to a “Go Now” designation in Mono County. Sagehen Meadow is showing a mixture of greens, yellows and oranges with nearby Johnny Meadow equally as close. This will be your best shot at peak colors over the next week.

June Lake Loop/Hwy 158 – 0%
Parker Lake – 0%
Little Walker Lake – 0%


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Lakes Basin – 0%
Mammoth Creek Road – 0%
Convict Lake – 0%

McGee Creek Canyon (8,600’) – 10-50% Patchy – For hikers, there is some great color about 2 miles up McGee Canyon Trail above the first creek crossing. Leaves around the campground and US 395 are still green.
Around Crowley community – 0%

Upper Rock Creek (9,600’) – 10-50% Patchy – Color is just starting to show up around Rock Creek lake but should be really getting pretty early next week. Take the Mosquito Flats trail, Hilton & Davis Lakes Trail or Tamarack Bench Trail into higher elevations for more color.
Along the road –  0%

see photos at: Fall Colors in Mono County – Mono County Tourism and Film Commission

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