Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 14, 2017

Santa Monica Mts. Wildflowers 7/10/17

Santa Monica Mts. National Recreation Area has  a new wildflower report

Topanga Canyon State Park  Santa Ynez Canyon 7/10/17

Amazingly flowers can still be found in July. This is a cool shaded canyon but, with that in mind, be prepared for a lot of poison oak, it is the predominant ground cover.
At the beginning of this trail there are the unsurprising laurel sumac, cliff asters and California buckwheat. But just a little ways down the trail you come to one of the special treats of this place, monardella, a lovely lavender mint that is not found in many places in the Santa Monicas. Taking the right turn to the trail for the waterfall you walk in and next to the dry creaked until you come to the first pool of water where, on the rock wall above the pool there is a spray of coast boykinia, another of the flowers that are not found in many places. Approaching the ‘waterfall’ which is currently more of a trickle, there are more and more pools of water. Look into the pools to see tadpoles and water striders, above the pools to see swallowtail and California sister butterflies and next to the pools to see lovely scarlet monkey flower and white hedge nettle.

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