Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 21, 2017

Yosemite National Park Wildflowers 5/20/17

Calphoto had a detailed post on Yosemite National Park for May 17 to 20. Here are some excerpts:

  • Along Cherry Lake Road and Mather Road at 3.5k to 4.2k elevation, most wildflower species are 2 to 3 weeks late.  These are 2014 Rim Fire burn areas.  Indian pink is near peak.  Miniature lupine, harlequin lupine are about a week from peak while bush lupine is at peak.  The latter also covers acres of parts of the Tuolumne Canyon walls.  Deer brush is at peak bloom with its greenish white hues densely covering acres of some roadside Mather Rd slopes.  Several other species are not yet out. Also now covering more slopes after 3 years of recovery is the unpleasant mountain misery while its even more unpleasant cousin, poison oak is still much less.
  • Along Hetch Hetchy Road glacial flats, miniature lupine, madia, and white meadowfoam are at peak while clarkias have not yet appeared.  There are few wildflowers showing at Ackerson Meadow at 4.6k.  Overall there are far fewer blooms than in 2015 right after the fire.
  • Inside the park along SR120 Pacific dogwood are at peak.  …. Iris are out at El Capitan Meadow while western azalea and most other species are not.  Dogwood are at peak.  The rainbow on Bridalveil Fall from Tunnel View occurs at 4:15pm and is excellent given the large flow. Road work and detours are all over the valley floor roads making travel tedious given the large numbers of visitors even midweek.


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