Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 17, 2017

Hungry Valley Wildflowers 5/14/17

Hungry Valley OHV has a new wildflower  report for 5/14/17

There are still plenty of flowers to brighten your Mother’s Day! The poppies are continuing to bloom in the grasslands, though the grass is getting quite tall now and they can be hard to see. There is a nice display off of Badger and Powerline without too much grass.

Head up to Condor Mesa to see some lupine, chia, and the newly-blooming globe gilia sharing space on the road cuts. The purple gilia and the chia look similar, but the chia has several round flower heads on its stalk and the globe gilia has one.

In the south end of the park, the beavertail cactus and the yucca are still blossoming and the yucca buds continue to sprout, which means the bloom will last a while longer. Another new flower for this spring is the thistle sage, now blooming in a small patch near Lane Ranch.

The wildflowers are beautiful and so is the weather!

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