Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 8, 2017

Oregon Wildflowers: Columbia Hills/ The Dalles Mountain Ranch 5/7/16

Oregon Wildflowers  has a new report for the Columbia Hills/ The Dalles Mountain Ranch

The blooms were absolutely magnificent! The balsamroot was littered across the hillsides for miles and miles. The blue lupine was so plentiful, you can smell it blowing in the breeze. It is absolutely amazing time to go. I even saw many lupine baby plants sprouting. I think early this week will be the peak time as we finish off the next few days of sunshine! It truly is magnificent. Not sure what they were but some hills were covered in tiny light pink flowers no more than an inch off the ground, very cool looking. The lupine is so large you could literally sit in its empty spots and be lost in the flowers 🙂 Oh and keep your eyes and ears peeled, there are woodpeckers and some sort of birds that has this amazing R2D2 sounding bird call. It echoes around you as you walk through the flowers!

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