Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 8, 2017

Hungry Valley Wildflowers 5/7/17

Hungry Valley OHV has a new wildflower  report for 5/7/17

Though many of the annual flowers have faded, there is still plenty of color throughout the park. Lupine and balsam root are still blooming along Spaghetti Pass and the California primrose can be seen along the roadside near the pavilion with its big white blossoms.

There are still small patches of California poppies around the park, showing their bright orange color. Another poppy has made an appearance; watch for the prickly poppies on their tall stalks with flowers that look fried eggs.

Another new flower on the scene is the Mariposa lily; look for the delicate, dark orange flower on the S curve near Smith Forks.

The south end of the park has a lot of yerba santa blooming; the large bushes are covered with pale purple flowers. Check out the wild cucumber vines in that area; though the blooms are long gone, the fruit is quite interesting. Some of the elderberry bushes are almost completely white with flowers.

The yuccas are still sending up new stalks, so the flowers should be showy for the next few weeks; the trails through the yucca forest are spectacular right now. Come out and ride!

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