Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 6, 2017

East Bay Regional Parks Wildflower Hikes

    Black Diamond – Eddie Willis -1-3pm, Sun, Mar 12
    Celebrate common and elusive early-season blooms during this 2-3 mile hike through  oaks and chaparral. Rain cancels. 7+yrs
    Programs meet in parking lot at south end of Somersville Road unless otherwise noted.  Weekend parking fee: $5
    Kevin Dixon9am-2pm, Sat, Apr 8
    Study the wonderfully intricate flower designs of the Inner Diablo Range on a moderately strenuous, but steep, hike of about 5 miles.
    Meet at the Morgan Territory Road Staging Area. 10+yrs. Info: (510) 544-2750.
    Trent Pearce 1-4:30pm, Sun, Apr 16
    Explore the floral abundance of Briones on this 4+ mile walk. We’ll sniff scurf peas, check out checker lilies, and stare into starflowers! Bring water, a snack, and your camera.
    Meet at the Bear Creek Staging Area off Bear Creek Road. Info: (510) 544-2233.

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