Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 6, 2017

Arizona Wildflowers 3/6/17

DesertUSA has many updates for Arizona.

  • Poppies, lupines, Fiddlestick, and others on Daisy Mountain in New River 3/5/17
  • March 4, 2017, at Bartlett Lake. Several hillsides along the north frontage road had large carpets of poppies on display. Many poppies down by the road as well. There are many white poppies, easy to find most anywhere along the road. Also, there are many small lupines but no stands of them. Also many other flowering bushes and smaller flowers. The time to be there is now. Being from Oklahoma, I have no ides how long poppies last, but I bet this approaching weekend is as good as or better than the one just ending. Also, I saw many stands of poppies springing up on the Bush highway, near Saguaro Lake.
  • Peridot Mesa in the San Carlos apache reservation 3/4/17 and the poppies were phenomenal. Entire hillsides and more covered and glimmering!
  • We approached from Globe after purchasing a permit at the circle k off 77 in globe. Then we back tracked and jumped on to 70 and drove about 11 miles after which to the left you can see hillsides covered. There is a white cattle gate in a H shape (two H posts) you take a left through there on the dirt road and explore away!
  • Boyce Thompson Arboretum reports: Goldpoppies are beginning to color Northeast-facing hillsides across from the Silver King Mine north of Superior AZ this week – but few are easily accessible along the roadside; be prepared to hike 1,000 yards west up and over a few steep hills to reach ’em. The good news is many small poppy plants haven’t flowered yet, so color should be more widespread there by the weekend of March 11-12, and during the week after. More good news: I didn’t see a single cow on the hills today; as opposed to a year ago when i hiked those hills and cows were abundant – and had grazed the area heavily.
    Lupines are also just starting to bloom – and should be more widespread mid-March. Red maids and filaree are at their peak right now; one treat was to find abundant miner’s lettuce in shady, dry drainages off north-facing hillsides – don’t miss a fleeting chance to snack on a handful if you hike the hills near Silver King Mine this month.

See photos at   Desert Wildflower reports for Phoenix and Northern Arizona Area – DesertUSA

  • Catalina SP. The poppies are increasing in coverage every day on the Sutherland Trail and other state park trails. Also see Blue Dicks, Hopbush, Blue Toadflax, Desert Anemone, Spring Evening Primrose, Cream Cups, Fairy Duster, Fiddleneck, Red Maids, Ragged Rock Flower, and more.

See photos at :

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