Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 14, 2017

Anza-Borrego Wildflowers 2/11/17

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park  published a wildflower report dated February 11, 2017

Good rains in December and January have annual plants growing in the flower fields north of town, and along trails in western canyons. Desert lily plants are budding in many locations, including the badlands, and at the end of Di Giorgio Road, just beyond the end of the pavement. Most are not blooming just yet, but when they do, they are beautiful and fragrant!

So far, cool weather is allowing the ground to stay moist, and plants are continuing to grow. Sunflowers in the “Flower Fields” along Henderson Canyon Road are not yet budding, so give them a few more weeks to develop.

Spectacle-pod is starting at the north end of Di Giorgio Road. Extensive, deep mud should discourage even four-wheel-drive vehicles from driving into Coyote Canyon, but patches of sand verbena and dune evening primrose await those willing to walk a half-mile or so up the dirt road.

Poppies, phacelia, and brittlebush are just beginning to bloom at the Visitor Center, where cryptantha has been in bloom for a couple of weeks.

It’s hard to predict a peak, but we should start to see lots of flowers toward the end of February. If temperatures this month continue to be mild, flowers should persist into the first half of March, at least. Of course, another rain shower or two might extend the blooming period, so our fingers are crossed!

For updates, join Anza-Borrego Foundation’s email list at or call the State Park Wildflower Hotline, 760-767-4684.

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