Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 31, 2015

Texas Wildflowers 3/31/15

>Gary Regner Photography report on March 30, 2015 on wildflowers east of San Antonio

Spent the afternoon east of San Antonio exploring the area around Seguin, Stockdale, Nixon, Gillett, Falls City and Floresville. Just east and south of Floresville was the best I found.

> TX 123 from San Marcos to Seguin: mostly farmland, very few wildflowers. Rating: 0

> TX 123 from Seguin to FM 1681: some nice roadside displays occassionally extending into fields. Bluebonnets, paintbrush, magenta phlox. Rating: 2

> FM 1681 from TX 123 to Nixon: some nice roadside coverage of bluebonnets, paintbrush and phlox. Some fields with light to moderate coverage of bluebonnets and groundsel. Not nearly as good as last year and far fewer paintbrush. Grass is knee to waist high in some areas. Looks like grass is out competing annual wildflowers. Rating: 3

> TX 80 from Nixon to Gillett: some stretches of paintbrush along road, not much else. More potholes on this route than wildflowers. Rating: 1

> FM 887 from Gillett to Falls City: some nice mixed fields close to Gillett, lots of Huisache trees in bloom. Lots of new oil pump jacks. Rating: 3 close to Gillett, 1 elsewhere

> US 181 from Falls City to Floresville: some very nice mixed fields just south of Floresville. Rating: 3-4

> TX 97 east of Floresville: some very nice heavily covered mixed fields, better than last week. Rating 3-4

See older reports at  Texas Wildflower and Bluebonnet Sightings Report : Texas Wildflower Hot Spots and Pictures by Gary Regner Photography.

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