Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 22, 2014

Birding The Richmond Bay Trail 9/22/14

Butterflies and Flowers too.

Today we went on  a little over 4 miles of the Richmond Bay Trail from Pt. Isabel Regional Shoreline to Lucretia Edwards Shoreline Park. (We set up a car shuttle so we only had to go one way.) It was high tide during the walk and I was able to identify 28 bird species. I am pretty sure I saw distant Black-bellied Plovers in a usual spot but didn’t have the scope so I didn’t see them well enough to be sure. Most abundant were  Willets, Godwits, and Gulls. Today’s list Bird List Richmond Bay Trail 9/22/14

Butterflies were flying and enjoying the Sun. I saw Anise Swallowtail, Monarch, Common Buckeye,Fiery Skipper and either Painted Lady or Western Lady. Flowers included California Poppies, Gumplant, Matilija Poppies, lots of Zaushneria or California Fuchsia, Lizard Tail, Coyote Bush and a number of exotics both growing wild and planted. Buckeye Trees are already in fruit. Toyon has both flowers and berries.

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