Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 31, 2014

Large Decline In UK Wading Birds

BirdWatch magazine reported

Winter wader numbers in freefall on UK estuaries Birdwatch news team Posted on: 30 Jul 2014. The latest data, collected by thousands of volunteers, show that wintering wader numbers on UK estuaries are falling dramatically, the British Trust for Ornithology BTO  has revealed.

The most recent Wetland Birds Survey WeBS, published annually, reports that populations of the UK’s most familiar coastal waders have declined markedly in the last 10 years. Ringed Plover -39 per cent, Common Redshank -26 per cent, Dunlin -23 per cent, Eurasian Curlew -17 per cent and Oystercatcher -15 per cent are among the eight most abundant wintering waders on UK estuaries, yet their number are all falling.

Read full story at  Winter wader numbers in freefall on UK estuaries | News | Birdwatch Magazine.


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