Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 16, 2013

Rocky Mt. Wildflowers 7/16/13

Two more posts from the Rocky Mt. Nature Photographers’ Forum

7/14/13 American Basin- although it was my first trip there, it was quite disappointing. Not much variety or density of flowers. On an optimistic note, there has been afternoon showers that last few days. Maybe with a sip of water the late bloomers will pop?

7/16/13 Hiked up to Shrine Ridge today; everything’s in prime bloom this week, and will hold through the weekend absent a nasty storm. The red paintbrush seem a bit washed out this year, but otherwise everything looks great up there.

Things might even be a bit behind at the top; lots of young looking lupine not yet blooming (but plenty already in bloom), and in general the colors near the trail are not quite at prime compared to other years I’ve seen them (while a bit lower down on the hill it’s looking great…).

DYCs which were not quite out on Sunday are now looking good on the way up the trail, so again another indicator that things might be a bit behind.

I’ll probably head up again one more time over the weekend to try and catch a good sunrise – this morning was a bit boring without enough interesting clouds.

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