Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 30, 2013

Shrine Ridge, Colorado Wildflowers 6/30/13

The Rocky Mt. Nature Photographers Forum has a new posting for Shrine Ridge in Colorado

Just got back from an exploratory Shrine Ridge run. It’s Marsh Marigold and Globe Mallow all the way down. They’re early up top and in full bloom everywhere. Lots of violets and buttercups, and many little white flowers of several varieties. Along the path, Parry Primrose are out along the stream. Bogginess index is average to slightly below average; snow pack along the ridge is lower than average.

Paintbrush is starting to show along the way, but the bigger DYCs are still running behind. The lower meadow should have lots of Little Pink Elephants next weekend – saw many many flower stalks prepping up. No Death Camas or Bog Orchid in evidence yet – might have missed the young flower stalks on those, but I didn’t see them, so I’m giving them a couple of weeks. Only a couple of Rosy Paintbrush – they’re usually later anyway… There was one Lupine plant blooming in the pines.

The top is curiously on schedule considering how fast everything down below is popping. Saw a few small lupine up there trying to grow and push up flower stalks at the same time, but only a few. No paintbrush or DYCs up top yet, and no sign they’ll be ready for next week. Current blooms up top are the more alpine varieties – little white flowers, lots of buttercup, and some blue – I think penstemon of some sort.

Saw some Old Man of the Mountain and some Alpine Forget-me-not, but didn’t really venture up in to the alpine area too far.

Next weekend will be very pretty up there, but I’d say the view from the ridge is still on for a 2nd week in July peak.

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