Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 30, 2013

Bay Area Butterfly Counts

This year’s San Francisco Butterfly Count had a new winner. Thanks to 140 Pipevine Butterflies being foundon Angel Island, it is the first time the top butterfly was not Cabbage White.  The top three butterflies of 2013 were the Pipevine Swallowtail, the Cabbage White, and the Echo Blue, AKA the Spring Azure. Also a Rural Skipper was recorded for the first time. 703 individual butterflies were seen and 703 were identified by species. Read more about the count at: How Many Butterflies? San Francisco Butterfly Count, 2013 | Save Mount Sutro Forest.

The San Bruno Mountain NABA Butterfly Count on June 23 was cancelled due to fog and rain. and has been rescheduled  for Saturday July 13.  If you are interested in participating click read more:

We will meet at the San Bruno Mountain park entrance just off Guadalupe Canyon Parkway at 9:00AM. All levels of experience are welcome.  Past years counts have been highlighted by abundant observations of the federally endangered callippe silverspot butterflies, anise swallowtails, pipevine swallowtails, mission blues, great coppers, and several others.  There is a $3.00 fee that pays for data collection and analysis.

This is a national volunteer based count that has been conducted annually throughout N. America for over 35 years.Please contact me if you are planning to come for the count, and be prepared for hiking up steep hills.  We will be hiking on established trails.  Bring sturdy hiking shoes, water, sunscreen, snacks, sunhat, etc.  Previous knowledge of the butterfly species is not necessary, as each group will have a leader who is knowledgeable in the local butterfly species. Heavy fog cancels

Contact Patrick Kobernus for more



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  2. […] Bay Area Butterfly Counts […]


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