Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 27, 2013

Washington Wildflower Reports 5/27/13

Washington Trails Association has a number of new hike reports that mention wildflower bloom. Here are some brief wildflower excerpts that might give a rough idea of what is happening on the trails.

Cedar Falls – Cedar Creek — May 27, 2013 — Page North Cascades — North Cascades Highway
Lots of wildflowers: lupine, paintbrush, arnica, buttercup,calypso orchids, and penstemon.

Dog Mountain — May 26, 2013 — South Cascades — Columbia Gorge
Spectacular yellow Mountain Asters are still blanketing the slopes but they won’t be around for much longer (maybe one-two more weeks) so get up there before they’re gone!

Big Meadow Creek, Twin Lakes (Wenatchee) — May 26, 2013 — Central Cascades
The trail does have a few blowdowns, but limboing under the blowdowns inspired us to look for calypso orchids, which we found.
Other wildflower highlights included ball head waterleaf, trillium (which triggered a debate as to whether some trillium start out a deep purple, or do they just age to purple, as all the flower books claim), service berry, stream violets, perhaps a wild cherry, an unexpected clump of Tweedy’s lewisia, and the aforementioned calypso orchids. Lots of mertensia thinking of blooming, but not in bloom yet.

Black Lake — May 26, 2013 — North Cascades — East Slope
lots of wild flowers: Indian paintbrush, yellow holly?, purple penstemon , cinquefoil, columbine, to name a few. No fireweed.

Grand Ridge Park — May 26, 2013 — Issaquah Alps
We saw slugs and saw buttercups blooming. Salmonberries are starting to appear, but they are not yet ripe.

Icicle Ridge — May 26, 2013 — Central Cascades — Leavenworth Area
This is a GREAT early season hike, particularly if you are staying in the Leavenworth / Lake Wenatchee or Plain. The trail is in full bloom.

Lower Big Quilcene River — May 26, 2013 — Olympics — East
Flowers blooming: TONS, including beautiful RHODIES galore!!! Bunchberry, strawberry, salmonberry, red columbine, false lily of the valley, trillium (still!), Hooker’s fairy bells, twisted stalk, vanilla leaf, Oregon grape, miners’ lettuce, yellow violet, bleeding heart, and as always a few white & yellow ones I don’t know. Almost ready are Queen’s cup lily and goat’s beard. There are some nettles on this trail (maybe ~4ish miles in), so beware.

Fourth of July Creek to Icicle Ridge — May 25, 2013 — Central Cascades — Leavenworth Area
The wild flowers are in full bloom on the lower section of the trail.

Perry Creek — May 25, 2013 — North Cascades — Mountain Loop Highway
The wildflowers are just now blooming along the lower trail below the Perry creek crossing.

Iron Goat Trail-Stevens Pass-West — May 25, 2013 — Central Cascades — Stevens Pass – West
the waterfalls & wildflowers are great up there right now!!

Thunder Creek — May 25, 2013 — North Cascades — North Cascades Highway
Two calypso orchids, one fading trillium and some bleeding hearts perked up the trail. We heard an osprey and a grouse.

To see more detailed reports for the above, links to photos  and more hike reports go to: Trip Reports — Washington Trails Association.

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