Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 27, 2013

Santa Monica Mts. Wildflower Update 5/25/13

Santa Monica Mts. National Recreation Area has a wildflower report for the Grotto Trail at the Circle X Ranch for 5/25/13

         This was a CNPS-led hike for flower and plant enthusiasts. We had a small group that chose to hike the grotto trail because it has several sheltered habitats that tend to prolong flowering — important in this very dry year. We saw close to 60 species in bloom but like other locations I’ve visited this year many were represented by only a couple plants of even just a single individual. Despite the sparse flower display we all enjoyed the hike, especially as this was a first exposure to CXR for a number of the participants. There was nothing very special to report but I’ll mention the narrow-leaved milkweed, lance-leaved dudleya, heart-leaved penstemon, elegant clarkia, bush monkey flower, caterpillar phacelia, chamise, Indian pink, a couple of different popcorn flowers, woolly blue curls, golden stars, cliff aster, bush mallow, Fish’s milkwort, California wild rose, hummingbird sage, California blackberry, snowberry, red-skinned onion, durango root, and one tiny farewell-to-spring. This is a nice list but you will be hard pressed to find all of these unless you take your time and have eagle-eyes.

See older reports for the Santa Monica Mts. at:  What’s Blooming.

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