Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 9, 2013

Washington Wildflower Reports 5/8/13

Washington Trails Association has a number of new hike reports that mention wildflower bloom. Most of wildflower descriptions are pretty sketchy but they might give a rough idea of what is happening on the trails. Here are excerpts:

Rattlesnake Ridge Trail, Rattlesnake Ledge, Rattlesnake Mountain, East Peak-Rattlesnake Trail — May 08, 2013 — Snoqualmie Pass — North Bend Area
There were lots of wildflowers during the second half of the descent into Snoqualmie Point.

Green Lake — May 07, 2013 — Mt. Rainier — NW – Carbon River / Mowich
Watch for Sitka spruce trees along the route in the lower valley – the only place they occur at Mt. Rainier. There’s early season wildflowers, skunk cabbage & trillium in bloom along here.

Dog Mountain, Augspurger Trail — May 05, 2013 — South Cascades — Columbia Gorge
The forest floor was rich with flowers: yellow spikes of low or creeping Oregon grape, soft white of woodland strawberry, a few triliums farther up, a few fairyslipper and lovely fairybells. Fringecup, vanilla leaf, and star-flowered Solomon’s seal. A shrub with a froth of white flower spikes (looked like Ceanothus). Even a few paintbrush and pretty yellow violet.

Oyster Dome — May 05, 2013 — Puget Sound and Islands — North Sound
The Trillium is coming out as the Skunk Cabbage is on the wane along the trail and at the lake.

Umtanum Ridge Crest — May 05, 2013 — Eastern Washington — Yakima
Many flowers blooming at different elevations, including shooting star, lupine, larkspur, sagebrush violet and hedgehog cactus on the ridge. I could not find any bitterroot in bloom.  Strenuous, but worth it for the great views and all the variety of flowers.

To see full reports for the above and more hike reports go to: Trip Reports — Washington Trails Association.

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