Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 24, 2013

Texas Hill Country Wildflower Updates 3/24/13

Gary Regner Photography has a March 24, 2013  wildflower report for Hill Country:

Several new reports have come in from Central Texas and the Hill Country over the last few days. I will be travelling through the Hill Country next week and will provide my own report in time for Easter weekend.

Cyndi reports that there are bluebonnets in the median of Loop 360 in Austin.(3/23)

Anne reports seeing bluebonnets and flowering trees at McKinney Falls State Park in Austin. (3/20)

Johnny has posted an excellent Hill Country report (albeit disappointing) over at Wildflower Haven. (3/23)

See all of his reports at:  Texas Wildflower Sightings Report : Texas Wildflower Hot Spots and Pictures by Gary Regner Photography.

Here is the report from Wildflower Haven mentioned above:

Bluebonnet hell as in burnt to a crisp.

I just got back from an all day scout trip of parts of Llano, Burnet, and Mason Counties with a small portion of Blanco County.

The field was nothing but dry weeds and not one single Bluebonnet if it were not for the large Oak tree that stands in the field I would have never recognized it.

In my nearly 20 years of roaming the Hill Country I can never remember it being this bad as soon as my phone is charged I will give a road by road account.

Read all the Wildflower Haven reports at: Wildflower Haven.

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