Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 11, 2013

Southern California Wildflower Reports 3/11/13 Updated 3/12/13

Updated 3/12/13

DesertUSA reports

Harford Springs County Park near Perris, California. Walking through Hanford Springs, you will find large patches of California Poppies, Goldfields, Sun Cups, Chia, Canterbury Bells, and Popcorn Flower. Looking closer, you will find small areas of Baby Blue Eyes, California Figwort, Fern-Leaf Phacelia, Silver Puffs, Cream Cups, Blue Dicks, Bush Monkeyflower, Dobiepod, Angel Gilia, Collar Lupine, Wishbone Bush and probably a few other things that I missed.

Death Valley  3/11/13 In Titus Canyon, Death Valley Sage was blooming, along with Ground Cherries, Lesser Mohavea, Phacelia and several types of Cryptantha. Along Scotty’s Castle Road and Highway 190, there are several patches of Desert Gold with many young plants promising more blooms. In the wash east of Furnace Creek Resort, there are Brown-Eyed Evening Primrose, Lesser Mohavea, Notch-Leaved and Caltha-Leaved Phacelia, Yellow Cups, Desert Gold, Desert Trumpets and lots of Gravel Ghost blooming.

Death Valley  3/12/13 more wildflower blooms in the Tucki Mountain Canyons. Desert five spot were seen. – Golden evening primrose is an annual that opens its blossoms at dawn. A common primrose in the deserts of southern California. They now are blooming near Hole in the Wall, Funeral Mountains, Death Valley, California.

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