Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 28, 2013

The Oyster Farm That Won’t Go Away

The Continuing Conflict Between Drakes Bay Oyster Farm And The Creation Of A Marine Wilderness

The decision by the Department of the Interior to create a wilderness off of Pt. Reyes is far from a done deal.  Earlier this week the LA Times reported that Tea party activists, Cause of Action, a conservative watchdog group connected to the Koch brothers and other groups were supporting Drakes Bay Oyster Farm’s fight to continue operation. Although the Department of Interior had not extended their lease, the farm owners have continued to oppose this decision. There has been much controversy including

  • the seeming never acceptance by the Oyster Farm that their lease would end by the farm
  • sometimes inaccurate science by the park service
  • The Coastal Commission earlier this month issued its second cease-and-desist order to the farm for serious violations.
  • support for the farm from Senator Feinstein, who is usually pro-environment

Read more at: Oyster farm fight has many interested parties –

Yesterday the New York Times reported that the oyster farm can continue operating at Point Reyes National Seashore in Northern California for at least a few more months after a federal appeals court decision on Monday.

Read more Court Gives Drakes Bay Oyster Company in Northern California a Reprieve –

Will we ever get a Marine Wilderness off Pt. Reyes?

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