Posted by: Sandy Steinman | December 9, 2012

Migrating Birds Delayed By Horn Of Africa Drought

ScienceDaily reported on how last year's drought at the Horn of Africadelayed bird migration in Europe. As a result of the drought migrating birds that pass through the horn needed more time to feed and refuel. Using data recorded on small backpacks attached to the birds it was discovered that in 2011 birds spent about an extra week refueling when they stopped at the Horn.

This helped explain why songbirds such as thrush, nightingale and red-backed shrike were showing up late in Europe. This is especially surprising to birdwatchers as migrating birds have typically been showing up earlier over the last fifty years due to climate warming. It also resulted in breeding occurring later in the season. It is not yet known what effect the late breeding may have on the bird populations. Read more at: ScienceDaily Drought in the Horn of Africa delays migrating birds


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