Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 28, 2012

Eastern Sierra Fall Foliage: Bishop Creek 9/28/12

The following fall foliage post just appeared in Fall Color in California for the Bishop Creek Canyon in the Eastern Sierra:

Amazing color all throughout the upper elevations of bishop creek. And I still see lots of lime greens too…. As of this moment. 12:12pm Friday afternoon North lake is a little dry…. Particularly up the slope… But lots of color. Still… Leaf tunnel was nice and orange this morning. I left there early… Because south lake was so wow. The road to Sabrina past the north lake turn off is stunning. Aspendel is still green, so I image there is more to come. The real winner here is the road to south lake…. Just before the lake…. Wow, its on fire. Waterfall area and just past still lots of green patches… So I image there is still time for change here to. Trees near the lake seemed a little less vibrant as the road in, but, wow… The road in has some great orange and red areas.

Go to Fall Color in California at Carol Leigh’s Photo Explorations website to follow California Fall Color reports.

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