Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 28, 2012

Eastern Sierra Fall Color: Bishop Creek Canyon 9/28/12

Updated  on 9/28/12

Fall color report from Jared Smith of Parchers Resort for the Eastern Sierra

Overall Conditions above 8500ft: There is such a drastic difference in color between the higher reaches of the canyon and the lower that I decided to go ahead split the overview into two sections for the remainder of our fall color reports. So, above the 8500ft level, many areas have drastically changed from last week with many groves going from green to peak color in just over one week’s time…incredible. Plenty of yellow with touches of orange, rose, and red showing both on the middle fork of Bishop Creek towards Sabrina as well as around North Lake. Brilliant yellows and oranges are dominating the So. Fork Bishop with probably the most vibrant groves showing between Mountain Glen Campground and Weir Pond.

Overall Conditions below 8500ft: A little yellow popping here and there with considerable lightening of the aspen and cottonwoods from dark forest green to lime green. Look for this to improve vastly in the next week.

75-100% – Table Mountain Camp (8900ft) The hill is on fire with much of the aspen displaying the full glory of autumn color. Still some late bloomers in the mix making for a great mix of  yellow, lime green and orange.

75-100% – Surveyors Meadow (8975ft) Another area that really popped this week is Surveyor’s meadow aproximately a mile down from Parchers Resort. Color is splashed from the creekside trail all the way up the mountain to near the Tyee Lakes trail. Still some green left to turn but I would guess this area to be at peak color next week.

50-75% – Lake Sabrina (9150ft) Lake Sabrina continues to put on a show, especially the grove across from the café which is notorious for showing some of the most vibrant red in the canyon.

75-100% – North Lake (9255ft) I have never seen such a quick transformation as I’ve seen at North Lake since last week. Even day by day the color is popping everywhere. Some of the aspen which were green last week are peaking or even slightly past peak. Still, plenty of gorgeous yellow along the famous North Lake Road along the lake as well as near the campground entrance. The grove that popped first below the first parking lot is starting to fade but there is a lot of great color surrounding the lake and up into the campground.

75-100% – Steiny Loop above Mt. Glen Camp (8600ft) This is kind of a sleeper spot as the dirt road accessing this beautiful stretch of aspen growth is easy to miss. Still, if you keep an eye out to your left about a mile past Mountain Glen Campground you should find it. The aspen all along the creek and on either side of the road are at or very near peak color….spectacular.

30-50% – Mist Falls and the groves above Bishop Creek Lodge (8350ft) Not much going on last week but as was the case in much of the canyon, this is a very different week with color developing quickly.

0-15% – Aspendell (8400ft) It’s a bit surprising given the color just a mile up the road but the aspen in and around this small community on the middle fork of Bishop Creek is still green as green can be. This is a good thing there is plenty of color now and it would be nice to have some more areas developing great fall color in the coming weeks.

50-75% – Groves above Cardinal Village (8550ft) Brilliant color dominates the vista from just above Aspendell with the crest in the background and plenty of yellow and some orange in the foreground. This area is much closer to the 75% rating and may very well peak within the week. Gorgeous views driving up Hwy 168 towards Lake Sabrina

Additional reports from Four Jeffery Camp, Intake II, Big Trees Camp next week – all of which are currently at 0-15% of peak color.

To see photos and more fall color content go to Parchers Resort

California Fall Color reports that on fall color at Lassen National Park

50 – 75% – Lassen Volcanic National Park – At 8,000′ and higher, aspens are approaching peak, with some losing leaves. At 6000’, the aspen are 30-40% and willows at 60%. Around 5000’ the aspens have a way to go, with 15% showing yellow.

Go to  California Fall Color to see photos and more reports


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