Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 10, 2012

California May Give Gray Wolf Endangered Species Protection

The Sacramento Bee reports that the California Fish and Game Commission will be considering giving California endangered species protection to the Grey Wolf. Earlier this year a gray wolf came into California from Oregon ( see After 87 Years A Gray Wolf Returns To California).

State scientists believe other gray wolves may migrate into California and could start breeding populations. There are concerns that ranchers may view the wolves as a threat to livestock making protected status a high priority. Read more at:  State recommends listing gray wolf as endangered – Environment – The Sacramento Bee.

Gray Wolves already have federal endangered protections. See California’s Gray Wolf Has Federal Endangered Species Protection


  1. […] California May Give Gray Wolf Endangered Species Protection ( […]


  2. It’s tempting to head up toward Lassen and look for him…. However, I tried and failed to find the deer that was filmed crossing into SF from the GG Bridge a couple years ago, and Plumas County is a lot more ground to cover!


    • I think he is back in Oregon now. Did he get as far south as Plumas County?


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