Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 30, 2012

New Wildflower Bloom Report From Theodore Payne 3/30/12

Theodore Payne just posted a new wildflower bloom update for southern and central California

Some of the highlights that they report are:

Vasquez Rocks Natural Area and Nature Center off Hwy. 14. Bush Poppy (Dendromecon rigida) is in full bloom in the canyon as well as lots of golden bush (Ericameria sp.). The black sage (Salvia mellifera) is starting to bloom as well as some bush mallow (Malacothamnus sp.) and purple nightshade (Solanum sp.)

Placerita Canyon Natural Area, the recent rain did seem to get some of the annual and perennial wildflowers up and going

Desert Lily Sanctuary on Hwy 177 approximately 8 miles north of Desert Center has an array of wildflowers in the scattered sandy swales. Especially showy are the desert lilies (Hesperocallis undulata)

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Rainbow Canyon is the place to hike this week.

West of Anza Borrego along state highways 79 in Warner Springs and 76, near Lake Henshaw you will see nice displays of goldfields (Lasthenia gracilis)

Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve you will drive by a nice display of bush monkey flower near visitor center

See the full report and photos at:


  1. The freeways are a-bloom here in San Diego after our February and March rains.


  2. This post brings back memories of a visit to Vasquez Rocks back in the mid 1980s. No visitor’s center then.
    Don’t miss this link: Movies that filmed at Vasquez Rocks:

    Not too far from Los Angeles; on the way to Lancaster/Palmdale. Well worth the stop.


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