Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 19, 2012

Natural History Wanderings Hits Two Mile Stones

Yesterday Natural History Wanderings went over two hundred thousand page views and received its 101st subscriber.  This does not even count those of you who follow and view Natural History Wanderings via RSS feeds (Word press doesn’t count RSS page views in its statistics). Thanks to everyone for coming by to look whether once or daily. Especially thanks to those of you who have shared your findings, submitted articles and suggested ideas for topics and sites to link to.  I encourage you to share  your wanderings about what flowers, birds and other aspects of Natural History you see while you are out in the field under Submitting Your Wanderings


  1. Joseph, Charlie, and John,

    Thanks for your generous comments.


  2. Congratulations, Sandy. Keep up the great work!


  3. Sandy, your blog is the one I read the most – every day! You create a phenomenal volume of great information, and your photography is absolutely stunning (and I’m very jealous!). Thanks for all that you do.


  4. You are doing a wonderful service. I really don’t see how you have the time.

    Keep it up


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