Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 10, 2012

Big Sur Part 2: Visiting, Natural History and Photography

Big Sur Information for Visiting, Natural History and Photography

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Useful Websites for Visiting Big Sur:

A Guide to California’s Big Sur

Along the Highway describes major locations along the Big Sur segment of California Highway 1.    Information includes: Finding locations, Lodging, Camping, Food, Waterfalls, Highway, Bridges, Hiking, Backpacking and Coastal Access Hot Springs

Natural History Websites and Books for Big Sur and Monterey County:

The Natural History of Big Sur by Paul Henson and Donald J. Usner is not a website but a very useful natural history book.

Illustrated Field Key to the Flowering Plants of Monterey County and Fern, Fern Allies, and Conifers by Many Ann Mathews is an excellent print flora with useful line drawings.

Six postings by California Photo Scout with helpful suggestions for photographing a Big Sur Coastal Trip

Some great photos of Big Sur by Patrick SmithNorthern Big Sur      Southern Big Sur

Always check road conditions before leaving as Highway One can close at times especially during heavy rains.

See posting: Big Sur Part 1: Highlights ( for Big Sur Highlights


  1. This is a great resource for traveling and photographing the central California coast. Thanks for the compilation, Sandy.


  2. […] Tomorrow I will post a list of useful websites for visiting Big Sur and Natural History resources websites and books for the area.  Big Sur Part 2: Visiting, Natural History and Photography ( […]


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