Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 4, 2012

Flowers At Home

Today I stayed close to home. Literally. I photographed flowers in my front and back yards.  They are mostly natives except for the succulent that I am not sure about, which is possibly Crassula echeveria and the Pineapple Sage/Salvia elegans.  I have a personal fondness for the Pineapple Sage as it is the one plant I propagated myself (Thanks to a propagation class I did at the UC Botanical Garden). It is also a favorite of the native Anna’s Hummingbirds that come through my backyard.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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  2. When we get a dry year like this one, it’s hard to motivate oneself to go for a long drive searching for wildflowers. Our local “wilderness parks” in Orange County always have something in bloom. . Maybe not in the quantity of a good year, but you can always find the “usual suspects”.


    • I finding myself spending more time in local botanic gardens that use water. I also find coastal areas like Pt. Reyes always have blooms thanks to fog drip.


  3. Cool slide show.


    • Thanks. I always enjoy photographing flowers and often the best photos are the places you go to again and again; like local botanic gardens, parklands and your own yard.


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