Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 3, 2011

More UC Botanical Garden Flowers 7/3/11

It wast back to the  UC Botanical Garden (Berkeley,CA) again today.  There was so much that wasn’t seen yesterday (to see yesterday’s post go to UC Botanical Garden Flowers 7/2/11), that we did another trip.  I had planned to spend most of the time in the Mediterranean and Old Rose sections and though I did get there I ended up spending most of the time in the Asian section. The Asian section had many plants in shade which made for better flower photography.

I also discovered when looking carefully at the Lily exhibit near the entrance that what I had called a Rhododendron  yesterday (the large white flower that was a close-up of stamens and pistil) was actually Lilium regale.  Another reminder to not do quick plant ID’s based only on color, size, and shape.  I hadn’t even counted the number of petals.  Today’s photos include a real Rhododendron close-up.

To see a better quality large size version of today’s slideshow(includes many of yesterday’s UC Botanical Garden photos as well) click on: Flickr Slideshow

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