Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 29, 2011

50 Best Wildflower Spots In The World

Wildflower Wonders: The 50 Best Wildflower Sites in the World

Bob Gibbons a very accomplished photographer, naturalist and trip leader, recently took on a most ambitious project.   The assignment was  to create a book about the most flowery places in the world.   Included are descriptions of locations, highlight flowers, maps, landscape photos and flower portraits. It is a book for photographers and wildflower lovers alike.
The two trips I wrote about in Greece in the Peloponnese and Lesvos were led by Bob.  I first met him on earlier trips to the French Alps and Picos de Europa in Spain.  I was fortunate to help introduce Bob to California and show him some of the local flora.

The book will be released in October.  It can be pre-ordered at the publisher’s site below or Amazon.  For more information go the publisher’s site for more information and sample pages: Wildflower Wonders: The 50 Best Wildflower Sites in the World

Below are several photos from the book:


  1. Sandy,

    How many locations are in USA.




    • Eight: Olympic National Park in Washington, Mt. Rainier in Washington, Klamath-Siskiyou area in California and Oregon, Carrizo Plain National Monument in California, Anza- Borrego State Park and Wilderness in California, Crested Butte, Colorado, San Juan Mountains, Colorado


  2. That top shot looks suspiciously like Carrizo! I’d guess Ranier for the middle one, but draw a blank on the bottom locale.


    • John,
      You were right on the first two. Turban buttercups on Akrotiri peninsula, south Cyprus is the third one.


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