Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 8, 2010

Eastern Sierra and White Mountain Wildflower Update

I received the following report from the BLM Botanist in Bishop

“This past weekend I was up to the White Mountains coming up from the east side from Indian Creek, down at lower elevations (7500-9,000 feet) there was a fair amount in bloom including Opuntia erinacea, Calochortus sp and Crepis sp.  Up on top at 11,000+ feet not too much other than some of the Eriogonum were blooming yet.

I also did a day hike up the South fork of Big Pine Creek (elevations ~7800 – 10,500), the wildflowers were in full bloom at the lower extent, the Lupinus and Eriogonum were particularly stunning.  Things were also starting to bloom up higher including several Penstemon, the Aquilegia and the Dodecatheon.

I haven’t heard any direct reports about the Bishop Pass area, but I’m sure in the next week or two you would be able to see a good wildflower display at a variety of elevations.”

For more information of visiting this area check out my posting:  Best of Two Worlds Eastern Sierra Nevada & White Mountain: hikes, drives & wildflowers

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