Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 13, 2010

New Wildflower and Garden Photos

I just put together two new photo albums on Picasa.  They are some of my better photos of this past Spring’s Flowers.  The first album was photographed in botanic and public gardens; the second in the wild.

Springs Gardens 2010:

Springs Wildflowers 2010

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  1. Sandy,

    I have enjoyed your flower photographs taken this spring. I am an amateur photographer and I am interested in what camera and equipment you use for the flowers. Thanks.

    Joe Colbourn


    • Most of the time I use a Canon EOS 30D DSL with a 100mm Canon Macro and a Tamaron 28 to 300 Zoom (that can focus as close as 18 inches away from the subject). I occasionally use a number of other Canon or Sigma zoom lens. I make frequent use of a polarizer filter, close-up filter/lens (Nikon 6T), and diffuser. I usually use a tripod as well. I sometimes use a Panasonic Lumix FZ35 compact camera when going on a longer hike or feeling lazy and not wanting to carrying all my photo equipment.
      I do almost all of my digital darkroom in Adobe Lightroom the last few years. In the past I used Elements and Photoshop (Now I only use them once in a while) and on occasion I might use iPhoto on my MAC.


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