Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 9, 2010

On to Joshua Tree

Left Anza Borrego and decided to take Henderson Road out of town.  Saw a roadrunner and then stopped at a spot at the east end of Henderson Rd. where we heard there were Desert Lilies.  In fact they were exactly where reported (at the fourth telephone pole).  You just need to know which direction to start counting from (the east end).  Going east on S-22 we saw a purple shrub that was probably Mojave Aster. Then headed north past the Salton Sea, on to Mecca and then heading east through Box Canyon.  Box Canyon flowers included Bladderpod, Phacelia, Creosote, Mustard (alien), Brittlebush, Chuparosa, Lupine.  The flowers were only fair but the rocky canyon was scenic.

Joshua Tree was still on the early side for flowers.  There are some Poppies, Lupine, Bladderpod,  and Cranesbill (alien) in the south end of the park.  Walked the Bajada nature trail (1/4 mile) at the south end of the park.  Plants in bloom on the nature trail were Chuparosa, Popcorn, Brown-eyed Evening Primrose and alien Cranesbill.  The trail also included our first look at Pencil Cholla.

Heading north up the main park road we saw some Lupine, Desert Dandelion, Lepidium, and lots of Bladderpod in bloom.  Also of interest was the Mistletoe with berries on it that was growing on the Palo Verde.  The Ocotillo hasn’t yet to show flowers in the park.  Other plants we notice were Yucca, Jojoba and Creosote, none of which were blooming.

At Ocotillo Patch the Ocotillo finally were in bloom.  Walked the quarter of a mile loop at Cholla Garden, which of course was full of Cholla and offered some fun photo opportunities.  Next was the obvious highlight of park, Joshua Trees.

The campgrounds were also quite scenic with sites next to and between large rocky area, with the Jumbo Rock Campground especially appealing.

Drove Bighorn Pass Rd., which is an accessible dirt road for any car.  Saw Lots of Joshua Trees, including a few of the best blooms seen today plus a Ladder-backed woodpecker.

Some photos from Joshua Tree.  Click on any photo to see a larger picture.

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