Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 8, 2010

Elephant Trees Area at Anza Borrego

The weather was much better today; mostly sunny.  The  destination today was the Elephant Trees Area.  It turned out to be quite flowery.  It took well over an hour to “drive” the short distance from the highway to the parking lot.  Quite a few flowers  that needed to be identified and photographed.  The list included Desert Pincushion, Phacelia, Popcorn, Brown-eyed Evening Primrose, Sand Verbena, miniscule Rattlesnake Weed, even more minisicule Pygmy Weed, Spanish needle, Creosote Bush, Desert Chicory, a small Astragalus, Beavertail Cactus, Silver Cholla Cactus, Little Gold Poppy.

The trail is a relatively short level loop trail, but can take hours when you start identifying and photographing.  Trail plants included the Trailing Four O’Clock, Desert Lavender, Datura (none were open; either closed or past), Brittlebush, Phacelia, Brown-eyed Evening Primrose, Little Gold Poppy, Cheesebush, Desert Golden Poppy, Desert Dandelion, Indigo Bush, Coulter’s Lyre-fruit, Desert Chicory, Yellowheads, Chuparosa, Yellow-flowered Barrel Cactus, Creosote, Mesquite (not in flower), Desert Rock Daisy, Desert Wishbone, Trailing Windmills, and Tomatillo del Desierto (also known as Thick-leaved Cherry).  Saw only one desert five spot when wandering off the trail, but there was plenty of foliage and buds.

Afterwards drove on Highway 78 west of Borrego Springs Road where there were a large number of Ocotillos in bloom.

Photos are from  the Elephant Trees Trail area except  backroad  and Agave.  Click on photo to see larger picture.

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