Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 21, 2023

Yosemite Closures & Water Conditions

When unusually warm weather meets several feet of dense Sierra Nevada snow, things get interesting. All that water has to go somewhere! Quite a bit is flowing through Yosemite Valley right now, tumbling spectacularly over cliffs and cutting through canyons, pouring into the Merced River and overflowing its banks, blissfully unconcerned with human inventions like roads and campgrounds.
🚩 Minor flooding continues in Yosemite Valley, with water levels forecast to peak over the next few nights. Forecasts show cooler weather and decreased flooding starting mid-week, but we expect additional flooding off and on until early July.
🚩 Housekeeping Camp, Lower Pines Campground, and North Pines Campground remain closed at least through Tuesday night. No additional closures are planned at this time, though this could change if the river rises more than forecast.
🚩 Visitors may encounter water on roads, especially in the morning and evening.
🚩 Admire rivers, creeks, and waterfalls from a safe distance. Flowing water is surprisingly swift, cold, and dangerous, even if it appears calm from the surface. Stay back from flowing water, and keep off of slick rocks along waterways.
🚩 Do not attempt to cross bridges with water flowing over them.
🚩 We shouldn’t have to say it, but do not try to wade, swim, or float on any rivers or creeks. Yosemite’s waters are completely closed to rafting and other recreation. Rivers are icy cold, incredibly powerful, and extremely hazardous.
What’s closed right now? Check current conditions on Yosemite’s website:

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