Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 28, 2023

Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks Update

Thanks to information provided by partner agencies we can share a couple significant updates as part of our weekly review of estimated reopening dates. For a detailed list of reopening dates and today’s news release announcement visit

At this time, due to severe road damage along the Highway 180 corridor between Grant Grove and Cedar Grove, Caltrans does not expect repairs to be completed before the end of the summer season. Unfortunately, this means public access is not expected into the Cedar Grove area of Kings Canyon National Park for the 2023 summer season.

For Mineral King in Sequoia National Park, due to severe road damage along the Mineral King Road both inside and outside the park, public access is not anticipated before mid-June. Tulare County is working on temporary repairs to three sections of road damage outside the park boundary, these repairs are expected to continue into June. As soon as we’re able, the park will assess whether construction equipment will have the necessary access to begin repairs to severely damaged sections inside the park boundary. It is still unknown what, if any, public access will be possible this summer.
A reminder to those looking to visit in the next few weeks, Grant Grove in Kings Canyon National Park and the Foothills area in Sequoia National Park are currently open!
Grant Grove
Access to giant sequoias, the General Grant Tree, winter snowplay, camping, lodging, restaurant, trails, and more.
The Foothills area between the Sequoia entrance station and Hospital Rock
Access to lower-elevation camping, trails, wildflowers, wilderness, rivers, and more. No access to giant sequoias.
For trip-planning information and the most current park conditions, we urge visitors to visit our website. Updates to the reopening schedule are made on the Current Conditions web page weekly on Thursday afternoons.
Photo 1: Large boulder across both lanes of Hwy 180 between Grant Grove and Cedar Grove.
Photo 2: Large portion of Hwy 180 missing across roughly 1.5 lanes along the Hwy 180 corridor between Grant Grove and Cedar Grove.


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