Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 24, 2023

Big Junior, An Alameda Bald Eagle’s Story

The Alameda Post reports

In honor of National Women’s History month, I thought I’d highlight a resilient, determined bird. Though she’s only about 4 years old, she’s made a splash in her short time in Alameda.

Big Junior builds her nest. Photo Rick Lewis.
“Big Junior” is the female in our pair of bald eagles who are nesting for the first time in Alameda at the Corica Park Golf Course on Bay Farm Island. She needs all of her resiliency after the disastrous storm we had yesterday, with 60 mph wind gusts, heavy rain, and many trees down around the Island. Though their nest tree still stands, the nest itself was damaged and the eggs they were incubating, lost. The pair seems to be working this morning to repair the nest and hopefully will be successful in laying a new batch of eggs.
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