Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 7, 2023

Highway 395 Closure Update

Regarding U.S. 395 Between Lee Vining and State Route 167/Mono City:
Between Saturday, February 25, and Tuesday, February 28, an unknown number of avalanches carried snow and debris from the hillside above U.S. 395 that was previously affected by the Marina Fire in 2016. Based on an initial inspection, approximately ½ mile of the highway was buried under 30 – 40 feet of snow and other debris. Likely included in that debris are snow, ice, Anchor-wire mesh and fencing, guardrail, rocks, trees, gravel, damaged road, and vegetation.
Due to the extent of debris removal, as well as potential damage to the road, it is likely this section of U.S. 395 will need at least two weeks of repair work before it can reopen for controlled use. However, the full extent of the damage won’t be known until the clean-up work has been completed and we can inspect the damage to the highway.
Caltrans has issued an emergency contract with Qualcon Contractors, Inc. to remove the avalanche and repair the highway. Emergency work will begin once the hillside has been stabilized and there are no more risks of avalanches. Caltrans will be coordinating with our partners at the National Weather Service in Reno to schedule the repairs in consideration of additional forecasted weather events.
Any updates on this closure and the clean-up process will be shared with the public on our Facebook (Caltrans9), Twitter (Caltrans9), and Instagram (caltransd9) social media accounts

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