Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 22, 2023

Spring Hikes at the Dye Creek Preserve

Hike at the beautiful Dye Creek Preserve. This spring we are excited to add an easier walking route along Dye Creek. Here are the routes available this season:
Canyon Trail -The canyon trail is a rugged 2.5 mile long (5-mile roundtrip) footpath in the Dye Creek canyon. Visitors should be prepared for a strenuous hike with uneven footing, loose rocks, a few steep sections, a shallow creek crossing on stepping stones, and tripping hazards.

Canyon Trail Hike – Morning Start (Saturday, April 1st & Saturday, April 22nd): Walk the canyon trail at your leisure, hiking quickly for exercise or slowly to look for wildlife and take in the scenery. Along the way you can stop at information stations to speak with docents and learn about the Preserve.

Canyon Trail Hike – Afternoon Start (Saturday, April 8th): In early April, the setting sun perfectly illuminates the Dye Creek canyon. Come hike the canyon trail at your leisure and take in the scenery during golden hour. Along the way you can stop at information stations to speak with docents and learn about the Preserve. We encourage photography for personal use; commercial photography is not permitted.

Creekside Trail We have never offered this route before! This easy trail takes you along Dye Creek as it flows through the central valley. Gaze upwards at massive valley oaks, look for western pond turtles warily basking on logs, see a riparian restoration site, and dip your toes in Dye Creek. The route follows gravel and dirt roads and has very little elevation change. Round-trip distance is 5 miles.

Creekside Trail Guided Hike (Sunday, March 5th):  Led by two docents, we will have an easy stroll along Dye Creek. With some luck we may see hawks, eagles, river otters, or beavers.

Creekside Trail Hike (Saturday, April 22nd): When you sign up for this date, you can pick between the canyon trail and creekside trail – no need to decide until you arrive. This is an out-and-back hike; you can walk 2.5 miles in each direction for a 5-mile round-trip or turn around at any point.

Exploring Off-TrailOff-Trail   Guided Hike (Sunday, March 5th): Led by two docents, we will hike atop the Dye Creek canyon’s northern rim. Beautiful views will make this off-trail trek worthwhile for the adventurous. This is a strenuous hike; everyone should be comfortable hiking 4-5 miles on uneven, rocky terrain. This hike is great for returners who want to see the Preserve from a new perspective, or anyone looking for a more physically challenging hike.
All hikes at the Preserve require advance registration. Registration is free, but space is limited!

Register for March 5th
Register for April 1st
Register for April 8th
Register for April 22nd

=You can learn more about the Preserve here or follow us on Facebook to keep up with future events.


  1. Dye Creek is in the Lassen Foothills between Redding and Chico. See link for more info:


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